I'm Abby.

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I help ambitious women
break the cycle of burnout
so they can live with
more joy and adventure.

For years, I told myself one day I would make a change

But for now I just needed to focus on my career.

I said yes to every opportunity to volunteer, attend a conference, or advance my career in some way. I only travelled when it was for work. Doing the things I really wanted to do would come later.

Then I had a breakdown.

I finally took a vacation with my family. After being on the road for six weeks (an accomplishment I bragged about online) I was completely exhausted. One little joke from my sister and I broke down in tears.  I wasn't just burnt out, I was fried,

It was time to make a change - for me.

I took some time outside to myself and cried it out. (Now that's a formula to feel better - fresh air and a good cry!) When I got back home I started doing things differently. I created routines that energized me. I adopted habits that fulfilled me. I learned to say no. I broke the cycle of burnout that had gripped me for years.

want in on the secrets to living without burnout?

I still put a lot on my plate, all the time.

But now I manage to actually make it all happen without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.
The trick is knowing my priorities,
having a plan, and
always making time for what brings me joy.

Busy without the burnout is possible!

states I've visited


lists written in a week


marathons i've run


cups of coffee per day




cinnamon rolls


What brings me joy...





Help other women live out their big dreams!

buy my own home

run a marathon

join the Concord Independent Battery

start my own business

learn to scuba dive

run a 5K

travel to italy

My joyful dreams achieved...

I'm ready!

If you're an ambitious woman full of ideas, and ready to banish burnout for good, you're in the right place. 
Let's get started today.

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