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Right now, at the end of a busy day you feel exhausted most days. Everything is fine. Everyone is fed and the bills are paid. But you can't remember the last time you had a space moment. It feels like something is missing.
You're stuck in a monotonous blur of a routine. And it feels like never enough gets done. You don't have time to do the things you really love.

You’ve tried so many other things. Making the change you want is not possible. That dream trip, new career, tidy house are totally out of reach.
You keep Googling for an easy-to-do fix. But all you find are more time consuming solutions you don't have time for.

because you actually got a good night's rest
and you have a few minutes to yourself to enjoy that mug of coffee.

imagine rolling out of bed in the morning, taking that first sip of coffee and

with the endless Googling!

Stop wasting another day feeling
unproductive, tired, or overwhelmed.

A week filled with ease, productivity, and joy is more than a dream.  It's right around the corner.

You bring the vision and the dream, I’ll bring the strategy. Together we will take control of your schedule.  We will build a routine that fits your busy days and helps you get more done in less time so you can have quality time with your loved ones and do more of what brings you joy.

{You want more! You deserve better!}

I want more time!

This is for you if...

Your days are hectic, rushed, and stressful.

You consistently feel overwhelmed and the to-do list is always unfinished.

In between making dinner, doing laundry, trying to make healthy choices and have a social life, there doesn't feel like much time to do anything else.

You want more quality time with your family and friends.

You have hobbies and activities you want to spend more time on {or just start doing}!

Today looks like the perfect day to start

with one step towards a better routine.
with one idea, one dream, one vision of life being a little bit different.
with a life more aligned with the joy and adventure you crave.

I'm ready to start!

Most days are a blur of unfolded laundry, frantic last-minute meals, and to-do lists collecting dust and not getting done.

You set a goal at the beginning of the month to make more time to read, work out, or see friends.  But by the end of the month you never got to any of it.

You've never spent more time with your family than in the past year. But you're still longing for more focused time when you're not distracted by all the other things you need to get done.

Still thinking

Abby, I don't think it's possible
in my life right now.

Well, let me know if any of these thoughts have gone through your mind:

Well, I've been there! I've lived the crazy, hectic days.  I've felt completely unproductive. Until I created a routine that works for me.

Sound like i'm in your head?

Help me create my better routine!

I help busy women like you build a better routine.

You're looking for a way to get all the chores and must-do's done in a better way so you can have more time to spend with the people and hobbies you love.

I get it! I'm really good at putting a lot on my plate. But I'm also really good at getting it all done.  Now I'm sharing my best schedule and productivity tips with you so you can get it all done, too.

I'm Abby!

coffee infused, list making, big time dreamer.

Interested, but need all the details?

Here's what you can expect in Power Hour:

Call #1

We focus on exactly what is happening in your life and work right now. We troubleshoot the frustrating and annoying stuff to decide what needs to change. 

Call #2

We dig deeper. We look at specifics and we start to craft a new, less stressful and more enjoyable routine for you.

Bonus Tools

{because I’m a sucker for “free with purchase” offers}:
checklist, schedule, action plan! I’m going to make a personalized tool for you to put your routine into action.

between calls

You’ll probably get homework. Not boring like algebra homework. Like the fun stuff your 4th grade teacher assigned before school got hard.

Are you ready for your personalized, straight to dream-life action plan?

Let's get that first call scheduled!

I bet you have a few questions.

why would working one-on-one be good for me?

This type of coaching is good for women who are ready to show up, talk about what they really want, and do some work to get there. It’s also great for people who are reluctant to admit what they really want in a group. It’s just you and me, girl, so no judgement at all!

What if I don't know exactly what to work on?

If you know you want to change something but you’re not sure what to focus on, this is a great opportunity for us to dig deep and figure it out. Our first call will focus entirely on answering this question!

When do we hold the one-on-one sessions?

We’ll schedule them based on our availability. Most often, it’s evenings or weekends. I’m still working the 9-5 so my day time availability is limited. We will meet via Zoom. But if you live local to Salem, I love meeting up in a local coffee shop!

most people do.

What do i need to know before we get started?

You need to know you deserve to live the life of your dreams. You need to know you’re capable of making that dream happen. And if you’re on the fence on either of those truths, you are still good to go. We’ll get you exactly where you need to be.

WHat if I need more support after our two calls?

We can get a lot done in two hours, but we don’t always get everything done. I’d love to invite you to a longer term one-on-one coaching or my signature workshop. If you need more support, we will make it happen.

I'm interested but I don't like doing things alone.

I get it girl.  Life is more fun with friends! If you want to grab your bestie and sign up together, let's chat about my special rate for two people.  Just click the button below and let me know you're interested.

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