Master Your Time and Money

Know how you're spending it and make the right choices for future success!


Have you ever said to yourself

….could hire the neighborhood kid to mow my lawn, so I could be at happy hour with the girls instead.

….had someone to meal prep for me so I could spend more time at the gym.

…had someone to walk the dog everyday so I didn’t have to run home at lunch. Then I could be more productive at work (and then actually leave at 5:00pm).

If only I...

what if we told you it was possible?

You can find that extra money.

you can carve out those 30 minutes.

Join Elaine & Abby for a five day challenge

Take control of your time and money so you can finally do the things you actually want to do.

I'm ready to join the challenge

How are you actually spending all your time?

Where does all your money go?

Before you can tackle those big plans, you have to take a look at where you are today.

You can’t move forward until you take account of where you are starting. It’s why Google Maps always asks you for a starting point! Google can’t help you get to your destination if she doesn’t know where you’re starting.

Taking control of your time or your money (or both) requires a little bit of prep work. But you won’t do it on your own -  because you’ve tried that before, and it didn’t help you with any long-lasting changes.
This time you get the support of TWO industry experts, Elaine and Abby, to create the extra time and find the extra money you need to do more!

I want in!

Our time together

Kick off call with Elaine & Abby to get started 

A supportive group of like minded women

Two workbooks to track your progress

Two Facebook lives for encouragement & advice

Our exclusive little black book of tools & resources for continued progress & success

what you can expect in

Elaine’s superpower is helping women better manage their finances so they can live out their dreams and make them a reality.

Abby’s superpower is helping women take control of their schedule and be more productive so they have time to do what they really love.

They have combined their superpowers to bring you a week-long challenge to take control of the two things most of us feel are always in short supply, time and money. Whether you want to tackle both, or just focus on one, the expertise and support of these two coaches will help you make the changes you’ve been looking for.

Who are Elaine & Abby?

TWO ambitious entrepreneurs who love helping other women achieve their dreams and goals.

Questions & Answers

what if i only struggle with my time? or only my money?

We totally get that! But we believe time and money compliment each other. There is always something new to learn. And if you want, just use the one workbook for the topic you want to focus on.

I've tried to take control of my time & money before, why is this going to work?

You're not doing it alone this time! You will be supported by a community, two coaches, accountability and you're going to have fun, too!

I can't make the live coaching times. Can I still sign up?

March 21 join us on Zoom at 7:00pm EST. March 24 join us live in the Facebook group. But if you can't join live, yes, you can watch the replay! The videos will be available in the Facebook group so you can catch up like you do with your favorite podcast.

Coaching from two industry experts......$250 value
Week long accountability group.............$100 value
Two workbooks to track your progress...$50 value
Black Book of our favorite resources.......priceless

When you buy today, you get...

these irresistible items

Total value $400+
for just $57!

Ready to start?

You know you want to take better control over your time and money.  You need the guidance of women who have done it before.  You want the support of other women who are working hard to live their best life.

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